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Video - EENI (Business School) Study Methodology Audrey M. Bleich - Coach and EENI's Professor.


When a student is registered for a course, diploma or master, they will receive by e- mail the access codes to the virtual campus. The e-Campus is an e-learning platform with the objective to compliment the materials delivered and to provide support to the students throughout the duration of their studies. In the e-campus, the student can ask questions, view articles of interest, participate in discussion forums as well as meet other students.

The e-campus is organised into two main areas:

  1. e-learning units (includes all courses)
  2. Community for networking (meet with other students, participate in forums, etc.)

Each course is organised in the following way:

  1. Course materials. These are the materials that the student needs to download from the e-campus to study from. It is not necessary to be connected to the Internet to study (the instructional materials are on the student’s hard disk). The student can print all materials.
  2. Complimentary articles. These articles are provided to complement and provide a further understanding of what has been covered in the unit.
  3. Student questions. (Ask Tutor). Students can post a private message to their teacher and receive the response in the same way.
  4. Send exercises. This is the section where students send their exercises that are to be evaluated by the teacher. It is possible that the teacher may consider that the student has not reached the minimum level in order to pass the unit. In this case, the teacher will guide the student so that the material is reviewed and that the exercises are re-done. The important thing is to learn!!!

Students should expect to dedicate a minimum of 12 hours per week working on lessons and assignments.

The course assessment is based on:
- Successful completion of exercises
- Student’s participation (e-campus forums, questions, activities...)
- Thesis (only for master’s degrees and doctorates)

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