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Video - Master Executive in International Business (Foreign Trade, Global Marketing and Internationalisation) Audrey M. Bleich - Coach and EENI's Professor.

The Master in International Business is a master that takes 19 months (120 ECTS) to complete, offering the student a global vision and practical approach to all themes related to international business.

Master in International Business
Download the syllabus of the Master (PDF)

The master facilitates access to anyone with previous basic knowledge to reach a complex level as shown in the following diagram.

The student must select one of the following regions: Asia, America, Muslim Countries or Africa

  • Globalisation and institutions: the student begins the Master in International Trade, Global Marketing and Internationalisation, studying the global scene of international business.
  • The master then continues with the techniques of foreign trade (customs, documents, payments, international logistics)

    Master Foreign Trade

    International Transport
  • Following the above, the master will then cover the analysis of global marketing strategies such as international distribution, promotion and export pricing.

    International Marketing
  • The master includes one module of adaptation of the contents to each country of Asia, America, Africa, Europe and the Middle East. The adaptation to each market is based on the inclusion in the master of the free trade agreements that the country has with the rest of the world. Not only will the student learn the agreements, in addition, commercial relations between countries which include exportation, importation and foreign direct investment.
  • Internationalization of Companies, a firm that wishes to place itself in the foreign market will find in this module all of the necessary information for a secure investment in another market: beginning with how to negotiate- taking into consideration the cultural differences in order to avoid cross-cultural conflicts, to how to place the company in the foreign market.
  • Doing Business in China: it is necessary to take into account that today, China is the largest market in the world with more than 1 billion 300 million potential consumers, making it a very interesting market to study the way in which to do business in this country. (*)
  • Final project or thesis which is valid as the final project for the Master.

The student must select one of the following regions:

  • Business in Asia
  • Business in America
  • Business in Muslim Countries
  • Business in Africa

The student is placed in a global atmosphere where the professors, as well as the fellow students, are spread around the world.

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Download the syllabus of the Master (PDF)

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