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Video - Diploma in International Trade (Distance Learning)

Audrey M. Bleich - Coach and EENI's Professor.


The Diploma in International Trade (Online) is ideal for those who are new to export as well as experienced export companies as it will provide successful experts with a thorough grounding in the key areas of foreign trade.

This Diploma in International Trade takes six months (30 ECTS) and requires an average dedication of 12 hours per week.

Diploma in International Trade

International Transport

The objective of the Postgraduate Diploma in International Trade is to provide all the knowledge, tools and techniques necessary to manage all technical aspects related to foreign trade of an exporting company: Incoterms, customs, logistics, etc.

Students can begin the course he or she wishes from any place in the world.

The course is available in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese.

Each subject has exercises that the students must pass. When the tutor has evaluated the exercise, the student will receive a message with the score and commentaries. If the teacher feels that the student has not reached the minimum level required, he will guide the student in order to improve the quality of their exercises.

Students with a bachelor's degree will receive a "Postgraduate Diploma in International Trade" (Advanced Degree Program).

Download the syllabus of the Postgraduate Diploma in International Trade (PDF)

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