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Video - Courses Doing Business in Asia, Africa, America, Europe and the Middle East

Audrey M. Bleich - Coach and EENI's Professor.


The courses “Doing Business in... Asia, Africa, America, Europe and the Middle East” are courses of short duration directed to offer a global vision regarding the economy of regional markets and the business opportunities.

The objectives of the courses “Doing Business in...” are:

  1. To learn to do business in the countries of the particular region of study.
  2. To understand the importance of the Free Trade Agreements (FTA) that affect the region.
  3. To analyse the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the main focuses of investment.

These courses are recommended for all those who wish to specialise in or refresh their knowledge in all the aspects related to Doing Business in a specific region such as South America, China, India, the Middle East, the ASEAN, etc.

It is not necessary to have prior studies, however, depending on the course, it is recommendable to have basic knowledge of international trade.

Registration functions on a continuous basis, allowing the student to begin at any time.

Each course contains exercises that are to be evaluated and that the student must complete and pass in order to obtain their respective diploma.

Students who have completed courses in this category can validate them and register in a postgraduate, doctorate, Bachelor's Degree or master at EENI.

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